Global Dental Relief’s projects are suitable for all types of travelers – individuals, friends, families, students or colleagues. GDR strives to accommodate dynamic groups and travelers, creating a fulfilling and memorable adventure for everyone!

Group travel

Global Dental Relief hosts several different groups on projects around the world annually! From dental offices and student groups to corporations and dental chapters — we have an experience for everyone.

We can accommodate group sizes up to 10 volunteers, depending on volunteer type and clinic location. If your group is larger than 10, no worries! Our clinics often run back-to-back and we can easily split your team into two smaller groups.

Keep in mind that GDR projects fill roughly eight months in advance, so early notice a must! It is critical that you call the office at 303-858-8857 prior to booking group travel with GDR.

Family travel

For families with any youth under the age of 14, we would love to have you on select clinics with a prior conversation over the phone. All volunteers under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult volunteer.

Volunteering with loved ones provides a rich and unique experience for all. Create memories that will last a lifetime while sharing the joy that comes from helping children live healthier, happier lives!

If traveling with children, the minimum age accepted on our projects is 14. Children joining a GDR project are expected to fill a general volunteer role. General volunteers hold a variety of roles throughout the clinic. You can find more information on our general volunteer duties here. It is important to keep in mind that clinic conditions can be taxing (long days, no AC, etc.), especially for younger volunteers.

Spouses or partners traveling together often enjoy the shared experience of volunteering together!

Volunteering as a student

Global Dental Relief’s field dental clinics offer a unique and unparalleled experience for those pursuing a career in the dental field! Students work alongside licensed dentists and hygienists, gaining firsthand experience and connecting with their future career in a brand-new light.

All students join GDR projects as general volunteers. You can find more information about general volunteer duties here.

Global Dental Relief follows all guidelines set forth by the American Dental Association® (ADA). Any volunteer performing dental procedures inside our field dental clinics must be fully licensed at the time of the project. Fourth- and fifth-year dental students are not allowed to practice dentistry on GDR projects.

We also have several scholarship opportunities available for students! To find out more information on our scholarship programs, click here.

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Wolfgang Pfannenstiel

What Partners Say

After my first GDR project I was sure to do this continuously no matter what! This is helping kids in need effectively. This is having enjoyable conversations with new friends. This is creating unforgettable memories. So in my specific case the letters GDR stand for the German Dentist Returns :)”

- Wolfgang Pfannenstiel, Dentist, Germany

Darshani Khosla

What Partners Say

Global Dental Relief makes sure children are receiving continuous care and that clinics are run efficiently and with the highest ethical standards. They take care of every detail on your trip — I plan to volunteer with them for years to come!

- Darshani Khosla, Dentist, Texas

Carol Lim

What Partners Say

Thank you Global Dental Relief! Nothing compares to the efforts and perseverance of your volunteer teams, working hard to bring healthy smiles to children.

- Carol Lim, Vice President of Business Development, Cranberry U.S.A

TJ Gabriels

What Partners Say

I plan my whole year around these trips. I love travel with a purpose, being more than a tourist and making a small, positive mark in the world. This organization has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and has really helped broaden my world view.

- TJ Gabriels, Lawyer and General Volunteer, New York

Michael Pasoff

What Partners Say

As a dentist, I have treated and cared for many patients, however, nothing can compare to the sense of fulfilment when volunteering your time and skill to ease the pain and suffering of others. It never ceases to amaze me what can be accomplished when surrounded by dedicated, caring and talented volunteers, such as those I met in past GDR clinics.

- Michael Pasoff, Dentist, Montreal, Canada

Nour Shehadeh

What Partners Say

I am honored and grateful to help these amazing children, meet incredible people, explore their culture and change children’s lives for the better. I look forward to many trips with GDR in the future.

- Nour Shehadeh, Dental Hygienist, Illinois

Peggy Lamm

What Partners Say

If you want to literally change lives, this is a great way to do that. Our work with Global Dental Relief produced more real good than all the other cumulative good works I’ve helped with through the rest of my life.

- Peggy Lamm, CEO Colorado Mesa University Foundation and General Volunteer, Colorado