At Global Dental ReliefGDR, our mission is to bring free dental care to children around the globe, in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, Cambodia, and Kentucky. Teams of volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants, and general volunteers deliver treatment and preventive care in dental clinics that serve children in schools and remote villages.

With a vision to transform lives and cultivate community through volunteerism, we provide opportunities for diverse groups of volunteers to explore the world and bring free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of impoverished children.


While our mission to improve children’s health has traditionally been filled by providing dental care, we recognize that some children in the communities we serve are currently experiencing an even more fundamental health care need due to the COVID-19 pandemic — basic nutrition. This need coincides with a temporary pause in GDR’s ability to provide dental care.

In commitment to the health of the children in GDR’s treatment population, we are committed to supporting the families we serve with nutritional assistance rather than dental care until we can resume clinic operations. Currently, there are 750 families (3,500 people) GDR is feeding weekly through the end of December 2021. Read more about this vital initiative here.

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