Global Dental Relief welcomes volunteer dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to join our volunteer teams travelling to five countries–Nepal, India, Guatemala, Cambodia, and Kenya.

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Global Dental Relief‘s mission is to provide dental care and oral health education to children with little access to a dentist. In partnership with local organizations, field clinics are set up at schools and municipal facilities, with the exception of Kenya, where clinics are held in a local medical center.

In these clinics, children receive an exam, restorations and extractions as needed, a cleaning when possible, a fluoride treatment, sealants, and oral health instruction. Care is provided primarily to restore permanent teeth, and children are recalled every two years to ensure long-term health.

A typical clinic has six to seven dental chairs and is staffed by a volunteer work team of 12-18 people. Volunteer work teams include up to five dentists, three hygienists, and ten non-dental volunteers. Clinics operate eight to nine hours per day for five to six days. Between 500 and 1,000 patients are served, depending on how much care each child needs.

Dentists perform exams, restorations, and extractions as needed. Dentists work alongside an assistant who carries out normal chairside duties, including charting as well as instrument and suction support. Some assistants may be highly trained, and some may be relatively new to the role.

Hygienists primarily perform preliminary exams and patient cleanings – in many cases, the first cleaning a child has ever received. Portable headlamps and cavitrons are provided, as are the supplies to provide sealants as time allows. Hygienists work with assistants who may be either GDR volunteers or local partners to ensure children are comfortable and understand the importance of oral hygiene.

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Hear from our volunteers:

Tim Reaume, DDS

Marilyn Miller, Hygienist