Global Dental Relief is committed to providing dental care for those who need it most, namely children. During their early childhood and teen years, kids experience the majority of their oral development and form the habits that will shape their adult lives. We strive to provide them with the dental care and education they need to achieve lifelong dental health.

Here are a few reasons why we provide dental care for children:

Limited access to treatment. In many parts of the world, dentists are few and the cost of care is financially beyond reach for children and families. For most of the children we treat, Global Dental Relief provides the first dental care and oral health education of their young lives.

A child with a healthy mouth is much more likely to have a healthy life. Imagine a child living in chronic pain. Without dental care, a small area of decay remains untreated, growing each year until it becomes infected and inflamed. This infection and chronic pain affects the child’s ability to sleep at night; eat properly; stay awake in class; and lead a healthy, active life. Over time, they lose their teeth, smiles, and self-esteem.

GDR dental volunteers bring critical oral health care and education to children – building smiles in faces for years to come. Working in teams of dental and non-dental professionals, volunteers provide exams, cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments, and extractions as needed.

During their visit, each child receives a new tooth brush and critical oral health education. Most importantly, GDR volunteers return to treat these same children every two years.

To learn more about our mission to provide dental care for children, contact our headquarters at (303) 858-8857 or email.