The Healthy Smiles Club is a group of supporters who donate generously each year to Global Dental Relief to provide a brighter future for children in need around the world.

At Global Dental Relief, we believe in smiles — creating them, sharing them and restoring them. Dental care is essential to a child’s health. When a child suffers chronic dental pain and infection– they can’t sleep at night or eat properly. They can’t concentrate in school, be active outside of school or thrive.

Healthy Smiles Club members understand the life changing benefits of receiving dental care. Each Healthy Smiles Club member donates $1000 or more annually which provides complete dental care to 50 children every year. That is 50 children who will live without pain, who will grow up stronger and healthier.

We are their hope for a healthier life! We see over and over again – even a week or two after treatment – that a child who once lived with decaying teeth is now thriving because they finally received the dental care they needed. And this is why we do this work.

The truth is, we could not do this work without you – without your care, your time and your generous contributions.

We invite you to be a part of this very special family of supporters who are changing the lives of children around the world.

The long term commitment of our Healthy Smiles Club supporters allows us to plan for the future. Knowing that we have your dedication every year allows us to say yes! to helping more children, yes! to creating sustainable oral health education programs, yes! to providing healthy smiles to thousands of children every year.

Your support does make a difference, in fact it is the foundation of the work we do.

Here’s to a world filled with Healthy Smiles.