GDR: From Dental Care to Food Scarcity

While GDR’s mission to improve children’s health has traditionally been filled by providing dental care, GDR recognizes that some children in the communities we serve are currently experiencing an even more fundamental health care need due to the COVID-19 pandemic — basic nutrition.

This need coincides with a temporary pause in GDR’s ability to provide dental care. In commitment to the health of the children in GDR’s treatment population, we are dedicated to supporting the children we serve in the form of nutritional assistance rather than dental care until we can fully resume clinic operations.


The Need:
Children are going hungry — children GDR knows, cares about and is committed to serving. Without proper nutrition, they cannot thrive, their oral health will be affected and their overall health will be damaged. Good dental health begins with proper nutrition.

Approximately 20% of the children GDR serves in Guatemala and Nepal are suffering from a shortage of food. These children and their families need emergency help with life sustaining nutrition in order to survive and not suffer irreversible consequences of poor nutrition and starvation.

Local partners employed by Global Dental Relief purchase food from distributors. The food is then packaged in boxes by our local partners. Each box includes 5 pounds of beans, 5 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of nutritional supplement powder (to be mixed with water), 2 pounds of corn flour, oil and a vegetable in season. Each box contains enough food to feed a family of five for two weeks.

This vital initiative is designed to feed families in Guatemala and Nepal who, due to the pandemic, do not have sufficient resources to feed their families. Our objectives are:

  • Work with GDR local partners in Guatemala and Nepal who will acquire, package and distribute food to families in need.
  • Purchase food sufficient to provide complete nutrition to a family of five, bi-weekly, through the end of 2021.
  • Distribute the food to families who are experiencing food scarcity and are under GDR’s care in dental clinics on a weekly basis.
  • Provide work to local partners who are also suffering without an income during the pandemic.

How you Can Help:

Our first food deliveries in Nepal and Guatemala took place in July 2020. In the last fifteen months, GDR has provided 1.4 million meals to children and families in need. See the program in action here:

We need your help to sustain this program through the end of 2021. Join GDR today in our commitment to provide life sustaining support to families in our care!

It costs just $60 to provide complete nutrition to a family of five for a month!

Consider making a donation today — these families need us more than ever.

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