Clinic Setting
Global Dental Relief welcomes dentists from all specialties, as well as dental hygienists and assistants. Dental clinics are set up in a school or community room and provide free dental care to children (ages 6-15 years) from surrounding schools. Global Dental Relief provides portable dental units and all instruments and supplies necessary to perform restorations and extractions.

Clinics maintain an efficient pace, which allows us to treat an average of 100 kids per day. Teachers bring the children to the clinic classroom by classroom. An intake dentist performs an exam, makes the treatment plan, and numbs the child with local anesthetic. The child then waits for their turn to be treated by one of the dentists.

We treat primary teeth in cases of abscess only by doing an extraction. Otherwise, we leave teeth in as placeholders. We do not fill primary teeth, instead devoting our limited time and resources to saving permanent teeth.

Due to field conditions and long-term access to care, we use amalgam for most fillings. Exceptions are made in the case of anterior restorations, which are done on a very limited basis. There are a variety of liners/bases provided for your use in the clinic.

Generally, we treatment plan two quadrants and do about 20-30 minutes of work per child. Children can return for a 2nd or 3rd visit to finish their treatment. The clinic leader is there to guide and support you and answer any questions you might have.

There is no X-ray in the clinic. If an X-ray is required to complete treatment, the child can be sent to a nearby hospital. Availability of this option varies depending on location.

Each clinic has the capacity for one to two hygienists, who provide cleanings and, in limited cases, place sealants. Hygienists are equipped with cavitrons and a range of scaling instruments.

Along with toothbrush instruction and nutrition counseling, each child receives a fluoride varnish treatment. We are committed to treating a school every 1.5 to 2 years to improve the oral health of each child and instill a culture of good oral hygiene for generations to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about our clinic treatment protocol, please call or email Kim Troggio or (303) 858-8857. By signing the volunteer service application, you agree to the clinic treatment protocol and use of materials.

All specialists are expected to perform amalgam fillings and extractions in the clinic. If you are a specialist and have any questions on treatment protocol, we encourage you to talk to either Kim Troggio or Dr. Peter Vanicek at (303) 858-8857 in the office.

GDR provides all equipment and supplies to carry out preventive, restorative, and palliative treatment in the field.

Below is a list of items that will be provided for you:
Portable Dental Units: Portable dental units will be provided for your use. Units have high- and slow-speed handpieces, three-way syringes, and venturi suction.

Instruments: Clinics are well equipped with surgical, perio, and restorative instruments. Please do not bring your own instruments unless you are donating them. It is difficult for us to mix personal instruments with GDR’s supply and separate them at the end of the clinic.

Anesthetic: We provide local anesthetic (primarily Lidocaine, 2%), needles, and syringes for your use.

Restoration Material: Amalgam is provided for fillings. Along with Dycal and IRM, we also stock at least one glass ionomer liner. Material needed for composite restorations for anterior teeth is available. There are many more composites needed on anterior teeth than feasible for us to provide and, in many cases, the decay is just too deep. We limit ourselves to the simpler anterior cases.

Scrub Tops: Scrub tops (but not bottoms) are provided for your use. Please refrain from bringing disposable scrub tops, as this adds to the problem of waste disposal in already polluted villages.

Lights: We provide headlamps for each dentist and hygienist. Bring your own if you have one and would find it more comfortable.

Safety Glasses: If you would like to work with safety glasses, please plan to bring your own (we usually have a supply on hand, but yours might be comfier!).

Disposable Gloves: Disposable gloves will be provided on site for your work. If you are allergic to powder or latex gloves, please bring your own non-powder or non-latex version.

Hygiene: Hygienists will work with cavitrons and assorted hand instruments.

Burs: While we have a good selection of the most popular burs, some dentists have mentioned that they wish they had brought their own favorites for the clinic. If you have certain burs that you like to work with, you may want to bring a small supply to donate.

Rubber Dam: We do NOT provide rubber dams in the clinic. If you enjoy working under rubber dam, please bring your own dam material, as well as forceps, punch, frame, and clamps.

For further information, you are welcome to contact our team by email or call (303) 858-8857.